Strengthen dialogue between civilians and military personnel

Budget 2018-2020: 390 000 €

Violence is difficult to eradicate. To fight the illegitimate or abusive use of force by the mafia, revolutionaries, terrorists, etc., or to defend national sovereignty, the ‘legitimate’ use of military force is generally accepted. It is kept in check by international law, civil controls and military ethics. But rapid changes in the world context, the uncertainty and drift they lead to, and the gravity of the issues faced make it difficult to determine how much force is justified and legitimate. The question is asked every time there is a new conflict, yet no obvious or definitive answer can be found. It is a complex process involving many different actors—the international community, nation-States with their governments and parliaments, society and public opinion, the army and the military—with diverse cultures, traditions and rights.

The foundation supports open, international dialogue spaces that provide actors--civilian and military--with a neutral framework in which to exchange ideas, debate viewpoints and reflect on ethical practices in the use of force. This dialogue and reflection on military ethics contributes to the future of peace.

Programme : Responsibility & Ethics