Promote independent publishing and bibliodiversity

Budget 2018-2020: 520 000 €

The world of culture and ideas is not immune to the widespread move toward an ‘industrial culture’ with its cookie-cutter mass production. This development stifles bibliodiversity and encourages cultural uniformity across the world. Books are essential vectors in the structuring and diffusion of knowledge, development of a critical spirit and emancipation of human beings. Yet independent publishers, who contribute greatly to this essential bibliodiversity, are increasingly fragilized by current economic and financial policies, the resulting sectorial concentration or the rise of populism and authoritarian regimes that smoother all freedom of expression. As a result, independent publishers have come together to make public authorities aware of their economic and social role, defend a publishing model that respects human rights and the environment, and contribute to maintaining a multi-faceted, socially responsible publishing sector.

The foundation supports international networks of independent publishers who share its concerns, with both cooperative publishing actions and advocacy in favour of bibliodiversity.

Programme : Responsibility & Ethics