Train local actors in the constructive transformation of conflicts

Budget 2018-2020: 540 000 €

Many verbal and physical conflicts stem from economic, social or identity-related problems. To prevent conflict from degenerating into violence, a sustainable culture of peace and mediation must be instituted. This requires the capacity to identify causes and structural origins of conflicts, as well as the capacity to set up social transformations to resolve them. There exists today an entire palette of social ‘tools’: national judicial systems, international law, mediation, pacifist and non-violent approaches. None of these tools meets all the needs involved in managing or resolving conflicts, but when used together their interaction creates spaces for action and the foundations of a culture of peace. People must simply want and know how to use them.

With this in mind, the foundation targets actions to support the creation, recognition and consolidation of a didactic corpus on the constructive transformation of conflicts, intended for NGO leaders, university researchers and managers involved in public action.

Programme : Responsibility & Ethics