Citizens’ watch, expertise and plea for the regulation of corporations and banks

Budget 2018-2020: 750 000 €

Corporations and banks have power over which citizens wield absolutely no control. With their considerable financial capacities, these entities dominate whole segments of the world economy; they influence economic, trade and financial policies and even take legal action against States for real or supposed profit losses. In reality, corporations and banks tend to exempt themselves from any form of responsibility, making corporate social responsibility often no more than a public relations ploy. Public authorities find regulating corporations’ activities difficult at best and may even give up altogether in the name of economic growth and employment. Yet regulating corporations and encouraging social responsibility is at the very heart of a democratic social and ecological transition.

To be a part of this movement, the foundation supports citizen watchdog groups, changes in the law, better information for the public at large (citizens/consumers) and proposals to change the very nature of companies and put trade, corporations and banks to work serving the ecological and social transition.

Programme : Responsibility & Ethics