Help advance law in a globalised world

Budget 2018-2020: 430 000 €

Progress on inter-State governance may be at a standstill, but a de facto organization of justice is becoming apparent on the international level. The multi-faceted hybridization and interpenetration of national and international, formal and informal law, is resulting in a global form of law, not connected to any system, that is progressing on the supranational and transnational level. This global law is also the work of new actors--companies and civil society organizations--that are increasingly involved in the creation of global standards and judicial practices. Steeped in practices and principles of Anglo-American origin, pragmatic and not attached to any one territory, this global law is sometimes a terrain representing the general interest, a shared political space. At other times it may represent a regression to a ‘privatised’ form of law that gives precedence to major economic interests while ignoring social and environmental justice.

The foundation supports development of proposals that counter new forms of impunity--born of globalisation--and take advantage of new perspectives--born of the law--for transforming our modern societies. FPH aims to do so by steering such proposals toward defence of the common good, the ecological transition and an ideal of justice.

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