Protection of whistle-blowers, a challenge of democracy

Budget 2018-2020: 360 000 €

Whistleblowers reveal the illegality, illegitimacy or immorality of certain practices, whether they involve health, the environment or fiscal issues. Yet they are attacked, fired from their jobs or convicted of wrongdoing, and are often the object of intense pressure, because they decided to speak out. By bringing to light information that would most likely have remained secret, whistleblowers encourage transparency and democratic responsibility. They should, as a result, be highly regarded and protected. That is why, on the national, regional and international levels, we need to get to work imagining and setting up judicial instruments to provide protection for whistleblowers, strengthening the way alerts are taken into account in a democratic perspective and addressing, more widely, the issue of defence of the general interest.

FPH supports coordination on the national and European level to back whistleblowers and extend the protections accorded them by the law.

Programme : Responsibility & Ethics