Governance and regional cooperation in the Mediterranean

Budget 2018-2020: 700 000 €

The Mediterranean region remains a geopolitical space of the utmost importance. It is a place where peoples, cultures and religions coexist yet are sometimes in conflict. The ‘Arab spring’ raised hopes, but an upsurge in armed conflicts, as well as political and economic crises, have eroded citizens’ participation in both the political and economic realms. Yet major challenges have still not been addressed: what socio-economic development model to reduce inequalities and alleviate the environmental crisis? What governance model to relieve internal and external tensions?

Since 2008, the foundation has provided support for the creation of a network of actors of the Mediterranean civil society that share democratic values and aspire to freedom, peace, respect for cultural diversity and environmental responsibility. Initiatives and dialogues are consistent with the vision of Euro-Mediterranean integration, the only humanistic way out of the current situation.

Programme: Governance & regional cooperation