SSE: social and solidarity-based economic forms

Budget 2018-2020: 690 000 €

In reaction to an alienating and de-socializing organisation of work, the desire for a more just and social economy has led to highly developed alternative practices including cooperatives, associations and now not-for-profit and social companies. These are all alive and well. In fact, in the current context of global crisis, the social and solidarity-based economy is gathering steam. These actors contribute to critical reflection on the economy and are a real social force that often helps build local and sectorial alternatives. There are various approaches within the sector (more social or more solidarity-based? is the SSE the only way forward, or one of many ways? how to influence public policies?) and work still needs to be done on a global economic vision (macroeconomy, currency, fiscal system, etc.).

FPH supports SSE networks on the francophone, European and intercontinental levels.

Programme : Transition to sustainable societies