Renaissance of the Commons

Budget 2018-2020: 400 000 €

Commons are at the heart of practices aimed at an ecological, social, citizen-led transition. An outstanding social form of resource management, the commons provides a way to look beyond administrative or money-making economic issues, and to consider and implement systemic transformations. The commons approach not only addresses management of natural resources, but also makes it possible to reconsider the production and management of various goods and services (culture, energy, housing, etc.) and their collective re-appropriation by organised citizens. At the crossroads of social, environmental and economic considerations, commons are also a vector of cultural change—they help us renew our collective vision of how we live together, of what development path we choose.

The foundation supports actors who systemise a commons theory based on practices, and provide transition movements and organisations, as well as socio-political institutions, with arguments for a commons policy on the local, national and world levels (governance of global commons).

Programme : Transition to sustainable societies