Local currencies

Budget 2018-2020: 150 000 €

The financial and monetary crises of the last few decades and their economic, social and political consequences have alerted us to the dysfunction of an erratic, opaque and often morally bankrupt financial system that is clearly incapable of accompanying the social and ecological transition in its current form. A new, coherent and global monetary system is clearly needed. In the meantime, however, many local currencies have been created with social and territorial aims in mind—the first in the 1980’s by individuals, others more recently by local authorities. These currencies are presented as complementary and are not intended to take the place of major currencies, but they provide important experimental spaces for re-examining currencies and the current economic system. They also help promote fair trade, short economic circuits and the citizens’ transition movement in general.

FPH supports the linking of complementary currencies in a network in French-speaking areas.

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