Governance and regional integration in West Africa

Budget 2018-2020: 600 000 €

The colonisation of Africa severely disrupted its economic, social and political organisation. The decolonisation that followed retained the imprint of this disruption, which can still be felt in Africa’s political and legal culture, national and regional boundaries, axes of communication… in a word, in its governance. West African countries have outlined a space for essentially economic cooperation, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), while the African Union strives to set up a continent-wide framework for overall cooperation. However questions remain concerning the link with society, participation and the legitimacy of authorities and their decisions.

The foundation supports a network of university researchers, dedicated political leaders and African intellectuals who are actively contributing to the emergence of a new relationship between society and institutions, in particular by defending the principles of administrative decentralisation, increased participation in decision-making processes, greater collegiality within institutions and better integration between States and societies.

Programme: Governance & regional cooperation