Identity card

Framasoft is a popular education network, from the educational world, dedicated mainly to free software. It is organized in three axes on a collaborative mode: promotion, diffusion and development of free software, enrichment of the free culture and offer of free and ethics services online.

Framasoft wrote a charter. Here are some abstracts :

  • The use of free software and open standards on the Internet is the main purpose of our project Degooglize the Internet.

  • Access to source code is the cornerstone of open source principles. Framasoft commits itself to place each application available in its projects under free license.

  • By offering open applications online, Framasoft intends to promote alternative solutions to proprietary applications that some companies propose in order to achieve monopolies and make abusive use of personal data.

  • These alternatives are examples of the diversity of available open-source solutions which can be used for personal or collective purpose. In this perspective, Framasoft is commited to foster their dissemination by publishing tutorials explaining how to install these applications on your own server.

  • The ethics of opensource software is about sharing and independence. Framasoft commits itself to never practice any censorship of the contents, nor any surveillance of the actions of its users, and to never answer any administrative or authorities’ demands without a formal legal request.

  • Personal data will not be exploited for commercial issues, nor transmitted to a third party, nor used for purposes that are not specified in the present charter.

  • Framasoft is a non-profit. Its volunteers and employees devote their time to ensure the continuity of the services offered to users. Our business model is based on mutualisation of energies and costs. Our services are free, but it does not mean they cost nothing. If a large number of supporters financially encouraged Framasoft to maintain its services, an even larger number of persons would be able to use them, and they could even be improved.


The purpose of Framasoft is to promote « free culture » in general, and free software in particular.

Modes of action

  • development of participatory tools and methods
  • development of teaching material
  • training
  • networking of actors
  • expertise
  • mobilization, rally

Target audience

  • citizens
  • associations
  • activists, campaigners
  • teachers, education professions
  • companies

Thematic areas

  • tools & methods
  • information
  • education
  • commons
  • research and technological innovation
  • culture
  • ethics
  • citizenship