Frank Bold

Identity card

Frank Bold is a public interest law organisation and is member of the Steering Committee of the European Coalition for Corporate Justice (ECCJ). Frank Bold work on business and human rights, climate change litigation, anti-corruption advocacy, and strengthening grass-roots civil society.

The Purpose of the Corporation Project is an initiative started by Frank Bold to connect academia, business, civil society and public policy for a discussion on the role of corporations in society and the future of corporate governance.


Frank Bold promotes liberty, fair play and responsibility.

The central aim of the Purpose of the Corporation Project is to systematically reopen the discussion on the purpose of the corporation, change the paradigm underlying the regulation of corporate governance and responsibility, and of capital markets, and build a working coalition of NGOs, businesses, academics, and policy-makers to support this change.

Modes of action

  • expertise
  • networking of actors
  • legal action
  • non-governmental, citizen democracy
  • research, analysis

Thematic areas

  • law and justice
  • economy
  • governance
  • responsibility