La Quadrature du Net (LQDN)

Identity card

La Quadrature du Net is an NGO that defends our rights and fundamental freedoms in the digital age and promotes alternatives in favour of a free, decentralised and liberating/empowering Internet.

To this end, we :

  • monitor and analyse legal and political developments on all things digital, to alert our fellow citizens but also challenge decision makers ;

  • publish press releases, op-eds and other texts as well as answer the press, appear in the media and take part in events to help our fellow citizens in their understanding of current affairs ;

  • develop militant and practical tools to actively defend our vision of freedoms in the digital world ;

  • organise events and meetings – including with other organisations – in order to build and defend the Internet we aspire to ;

  • engage in awareness, advocacy and mobilisation campaigns and actions to fight every step of the way so that State police and industries that exploit our private data don’t definitely transform our lives into a monitored amusement park.

It’s a hard job: in the French Parliament as in the European Parliament, there isn’t a law, directive or regulation that doesn’t touch on the digital world. We analyse these texts while they are still in the draft stages and regularly meet with decision makers and parliamentarians to counter the intense lobbying of the supporters of fear-mongering false solutions, who have a vested interest in putting our (digital) lives under control.

But the job is also thrilling, as we work together to imagine and build an Internet aligned with the values of democracy, and help society evolve towards more equality, liberty and fraternity.


La Quadrature du Net’s main objective is to defend fundamental freedoms in the digital age. We also build and promote alternatives for a free, decentralised and liberating/empowering Internet. In more details, this means working:

  • To protect privacy,

  • Against mass surveillance,

  • To defend Net neutrality and non-discrimination of data,

  • In favour of a positive reform of copyright and against the repression of sharing,

  • To defend freedom of speech against censorship,

  • In favour of citizen participation to democratic processes,

  • To decentralise La Quadrature du Net’s actions.

Modes of action

  • expertise
  • media actions: pamphlet, opinion paper, campaign
  • legal and citizen watch, diffusion of information
  • advocacy, lobbying, influence strategy
  • research, analysis

Thematic areas

  • law and justice
  • economy
  • research and technological innovation
  • democracy
  • commons