Presentation of the Programme

An overabundance of energy has profoundly transformed human geography, by massively increasing transport capacities and accommodation. It enabled metropolisation and littoralisation as much as desertification and an increased disconnection between places of residence and of production.

Metropolisation has led to a rapid increase in property prices and the formation of slums, creating acute social tension. The perspective of a swift reduction in our energy consumption invites us to urgently review our ways of living and getting around.

Over the past few years, local territories have become the focal points of the ecological, social and democratic transition. From transition towns to “zones that need defending”, the various transition movements and stakeholders have encouraged this return to local territories, in search of autonomy and resilience - and best practices are proliferating. All that is left is to spread these and support their changes of scale into local and national policies.

Sub-Programmes and Partners Supported

1. Territorial Transition Policies

2. Rural and Peri-Urban Territories and Alter-Territories

3. Mobility

4. Right to the City and Social Housing Construction