he FPH provides long-term core funding to civil society organisations that put forward alternatives and advocate on the issues covered by the ten programmes that have been selected for the budget period running from 2021 to 2023:

More specifically, the Foundation supports:

  • the setting up of networks between stakeholders and organisations putting forward new alternatives, and improving their capacity to coordinate;
  • the drawing up of common analyses and proposals with a view to promoting changes of scale, or to providing expertise;
  • the dissemination of alternative solutions (sharing experience, advocacy, campaigns, publications…) in order to generalise best practices, put forward good policies and initiate a change of scale.

Any funding request will be evaluated according to the following points:

  • Is the issue relevant in terms of the guidelines provided by the Board (does it fit within a particular programme)?
  • Does the analysis of the situation drawn up by the stakeholder – their diagnosis – strike us as convincing? Are the obstacles that need to be overcome well-identified?
  • What mode of operation has been chosen? How is it relevant in the current situation?
  • Does the stakeholder have the means – competence, legitimacy – required to successfully carry out their action?

Most of the budget is earmarked for a period of three years. During this period, given that most of our resources are already allocated, it is rare for the Foundation Board to open up new partnerships.
If however you still wish to put in a request, you can write to us at our postal address or send an email to: contact.fph@fph.ch