Foundation Board

The Foundation Board has the highest authority over the foundation, subject to the rights of the supervisory authority. It acts as guarantor of the Foundation’s statutes and asset management. It is in particular responsible for defining the goals of the Foundation and of the allocation of the Foundation’s resources to these goals.

It rules on the Foundation’s guiding principles and defines its strategy. It appoints from within its ranks the members of the Management Board and the Director.
It decides what amount is deducted each year from the Foundation’s assets in order to fund the Foundation’s goals.

The Foundation Board is currently made up of six members.

  • Benoît Frund
  • Aurore Merle

  • Jean Richard
  • Sylvie Bonvin-Sansonnens

  • Anne-Lorraine Bujon

  • Claudia Genier


Permanent Staff

The Foundation’s permanent staff, who work under the responsibility of the Director, appointed by the Foundation Board, is responsible for the implementation of the policy decided upon by the Foundation Board. The team currently consists of 11 people, based in Paris and Lausanne.

In Paris

  • Matthieu Calame
  • Juliette Decoster
Programme Manager
  • Aline Jablonka

    Deputy Director
  • Lysiane Mangin
Publishing and Communications Department Assistant
  • Jocelyne Massal
    Building, Logistics and Reception Manager
  • Claudia Neubauer
Programme Manager
  • Naïma Sayah
    Accounting and Administrative Secretary
  • Isabelle Yafil


In Lausanne

  • Nicolas Krausz
    Programme Manager